Top 8 Reasons To Film In Ukraine

Ever thought of knowing more about Ukrainian film industry? Trying to decide if it is worth shooting in Ukraine? Maybe just searching for an original location to film your video? Here are 8 reasons why you should definitely choose Ukraine as your next shooting location.
1. Cash Rebate

In 2019 Ukraine has launched a 25+5 percent cash rebate for all foreign filmmakers if the foreign producer has a production agreement with a Ukrainian movie company for the whole film or a part of it. Additional 5% rebate is available for satisfying additional criteria, such as launching a production based on a Ukrainian literary work.

2. It's cheap!

For the western production companies, Ukrainian workforce, local rent and service fees are much lower than those in their own countries, so they can save up to 40% of the production costs, with a 12 hour, 6 days a week working schedule being an accepted norm.

3. Appropriate Production Infrastructure

Ukraine has a lot of film and audio studios, as well as reliable equipment rental services, so it is possible to find anything you'd need for the filming process here in Ukraine.

4. Professional Expertise

Ukraine film industry has developed significantly in last 5 years, with international co-productions becoming more and more frequent. Most of the Ukrainian producers and directors are very active internationally right now, speaking fluent English, so there would be no problem in communicating with the team.

5. Amazing Locations

Do you need a European city? Would you like to create an underground, artsy atmosphere? Film a historical movie with forests, castles, and vast landscapes? You can find all of that in Ukraine. The country offers unique locations: from medieval castles, mountains, and small European cities in the West, postmodern Soviet structures, long bridges and skyscrapers in the capital city of Kyiv, or beautiful European architecture and old Osman empire ruins on the seaside of Odesa. Since Ukraine has little regulations on location access, it is extremely easy to book a location for your film for the lowest possible price.

6. Movie History

Mini-Series Chernobyl, Agnieszka Holland's Mr. Jones, Cold Blood with Jean Reno, Transporter 3 with Jason Statham, Everything is Illuminated with Elijah Wood - these are to list a few word-famous movies shot in Ukraine, with more and more filmmakers coming to the country in search of unique perspectives for their films.

The music industry is not behind on the topic: Miley Cyrus, Twenty One Pilots, Foals, Eurovision winner Netta, Korean pop-stars are all choosing Kyiv as their stage for shooting music videos, while Apple, Nike, BMW and other brands are massively filming their commercials in the country, attracted by cheap prices and creative perspectives.

7. Travel

Ukraine does not require visas for majority of countries, including EU, US, Israel, Canada, UAE, Norway, Turkey, Georgia, Japan and many others, and we also have airports in almost every major city, so can get to any point of the country in no time, with all the major European cities also being within hours of flight.

8. Recreational Opportunities

Ukraine is going to surprise you with beautiful views and original places anywhere you go, you would be surprised how much you can find by getting lost somewhere in the Kyiv downtown, or walking into a seemingly regular restaurant in Lviv. Ukrainian service industry is well-known to be high quality, so you can easily find what to do after a long working day.

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